Top scams involving cryptocurrencies

Is investing in cryptocurrencies safe?

Knowing what a cryptocurrency is and how it works is important and the best way to start using it, avoiding getting scammed.

Tasso Lago, a cryptocurrency specialist and founder of Financial Move, explains that investing in cryptocurrency is safe. “It’s totally safe. What happens is that, because people do not have information, they end up falling for scams with promises of easy money, always positive returns. Promises of positive profitability, of doubling capital quickly, this is all fraud”, he says.

The expert points out that criptomoedas are another asset re variable nda and therefore suffer fluctuations, as well as the actions, for example. “Usually, because people see bitcoin fluctuating, many believe in the possibility of this high profitability, but it cannot be linear. And that’s where the high and fast winning scams come in ”, he points out.

To avoid falling into scams involving cryptocurrencies, find out which are the most applied by criminals. Check out:

Top scams involving cryptocurrencies

  • Promise of quick wins : this is a trap of scammers who create strategies to catch the attention of victims and steal their money, offering good returns, always positive, above average and quick gains.
  • Offers through social networks: scammers take advantage of social networks to send private messages to various network users with offers of cryptocurrencies with attractive returns and, with this, end up stealing money from people who believe in what was offered and, in fact, everything it’s just a scam. The same goes for websites and emails. Criminals create fake pages, or even email messages, to trick people into stealing the money they deposited.
  • Financial Pyramids: This is often one of the most common scams involving cryptocurrencies. The intention is to attract victims with a supposed promise of quick wins. With this, criminals recruit people, who need to call on others to make a profit and so on, but the victims end up falling into projects that don’t exist. To be part of the company, a value is required. And, in this way, the pyramid is born and whoever is on top of it ends up profiting. Inside the pyramids, there are those linked to the mining of cryptocurrencies . In these cases, users pay for supposedly more speed and only receive the investment back when new users purchase the same plan. However, in fact, no cryptocurrency is actually mined.
  • Innovative cryptoactives : they are offers of supposedly new digital currencies before its launch. With this, people betting on the appreciation of the cryptocurrency, end up buying assets that do not exist and criminals disappear with all the money.
  • Fake Brokers : Exchanges, or crypto-asset brokers, are electronic platforms similar to stock brokers listed on exchanges. Their objective is to facilitate the purchase, sale and exchange of digital currencies, through the connection between buyers and sellers. The creation of fake exchanges is also a common practice of fraud in the cryptomarket. Criminals set up websites/platforms and, when the person performs the operation, the money falls into the scammers’ account.
  • Investment robots : this is a computer program that receives quotes from some platform and, through a pre-determined rule , sends buy and sell orders. However, criminals end up creating a fake program and keeping the money that was sent by the victim.
  • Fake applications: cryptoactives are stored in a virtual wallet, on the investor’s computer or cell phone. Criminals create fake cryptocurrency wallet applications to steal digital coins. The apps claim to be able to convert cryptocurrencies into others. Generally, the user needs to deposit their digital coins there and then receive the equivalent amount converted into another one. However, when sending the cryptocurrencies to the addresses listed in the application, they disappear.

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