Do you know how to invest a little money in stocks?

Investments are not just for the wealthy; it is possible to start with affordable values, but always with an eye on care and risks.

Investing (or even saving) money is still a long way off for most of the population. Even among people who already have a financial reserve, it is common to find those who leave their assets in savings. One of the reasons for this is the myth that investments like stocks are only for those with a lot of money. Is it true? After all, What are some ways to invest in the Stock Exchange with little money?

Today, there are about 235 million savings accounts in Brazil, according to data from the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). Meanwhile, around 3.8 million people invest in the Stock Exchange. Despite what this difference indicates, it is important to emphasize that the process to buy and sell shares is simpler than you might think.

But it’s worth paying attention to stocks are a high-risk investments, which is not recommended for anyone with no savings or support network. Those who start investing need to know their investor profile. It is the responsibility of the financial institution (such as a stockbroker, for example) to recommend products, carry out operations or provide services that are suitable for this profile, which has to do with the client’s financial situation, knowledge of the market, its objectives, etc.

For this reason, investing in the Stock Exchange with little money is a way to start in this universe of the so-called variable income . Learning and following the fluctuations is important to know more about the market, but you should never risk your emergency reserve, for example.


How much does it cost to invest in the Stock Exchange?

To invest in the Stock Exchange today there is no minimum amount. The investment value will depend on the type of asset (for example, stocksreal estate funds or ETFs ) and also on the quantity. There are shares traded on B3 with different price ranges – some Brazilian giants have shares priced at around R$20 or R$30, for example. 

Shares, to remember, are like “little pieces” of companies available for sale on the Stock Exchange. A person who has an account with an intermediary institution (such as a stockbroker ) can invest their money in the shares of those companies and become the owner of these little pieces. In other words, she becomes a partner in the company (or a shareholder ).

To invest in the Stock Exchange it is also necessary to respect some rules that directly impact the value. In the common market, it is necessary to buy lots consisting of at least 100 shares – that is, if a person wants to invest in a company where the share is worth R$10, he will have to invest at least R$1,000.

There is a way to buy less stock, however, through the fractional market. Understand it below.


How to spend in the Stock Exchange with small money?

One of the ways to invest in the Stock Exchange with little money is through the fractional market. Thus, it is possible to buy only a part of the share lot, and not the standard  , consisting of one hundred shares.

In other words, in the common market, lots must have at least 100 shares. In the fractional market, it is possible to buy between 1 and 99 shares. That is, the lots can be smaller and therefore cheaper.

In the fractional market, there is a way to differentiate buy orders from the standard market. In this case, the stock codes receive the letter F at the end.

It is important to be patient when selling, as the fractional market may have less liquidity – that is, selling your shares may take longer.

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