The Best 3 Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2021.

The Best 3 Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2021.

Today in this article we shall be looking into the best 3 Altcoin cryptocurrency to buy in 2021,we shall discuss these three cryptos as it relates to the present situation and price.

Number One Is Dogecoin:
Recent wave of some celebrity endorsements and major support from the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk for Dogecoin has made the meme crypto currency surge high to over 70% in just less than two days ( 48 hrs ). If this bullish momentum continues,it can move DOGE upward by 118% to reach the price of $0.245. The discussion about the Dogecoin seems to be the talk of town among celebrities and bringing the attention of investors which is now pushing the price of the coin higher.

Another celebrity billionaire and owner of Dallas Mavericks which is a professional basketball team made announcement that help to also push the DOGE price higher when he tweet in early month of March that his NBA basketball club (Dallas Mavericks) will be accepting the Dogecoin DOGE cryptocurrency as real money for tickets and merchandise payment, he later tweeted again that his Mavericks have increased their sales and have sold Items and tickets worth over 122k Dogecoin since they started accepting the DOGE.

The backing of the meme cryptocurrency went stronger when he wowed that his NBA basketball business will continue to accept the crypto and never to sell any, not even a single DOGE,so he encouraged people to continue buying and hold.

In April,another American Millionaire name Guy Fieri also made his support for Dogecoin known to the public by His Tweet Here, his tweet also push the DOge price chart to ascending parallel,the price of the coin increased targeting all time high.

Number 2 Is Uniswap: Looking into the best 3 Altcoin cryptocurrency to buy in 2021, the Uniswap digital currency have shown huge increase by 31% in the past days,the onchain chart and calculation did not indicate any sign of resistance in the coming days or weeks for the DEX Token. In the last three days this Token called Uniswap price have been going up seriously meeting an another all time high and with over $18.5b market capitalization,however the Decentralized exchange cryptocurrency is still aiming for more highs despite the recent increase in price.The token shows no sign of any physical challenge as its moving ahead to catch a new highs after it tried to consolidate the price at $33.85.

The Uniswap token have managed to visit back the 78.9% of the level of Fibonacci retracement at the price of $35.75 and targeting a new high up beyond the past all timehigh of $38.34. We are ssing the next price target is at $41.75 at 141.20% Fibonacci level.

Number 3 Is Chiliz: predicting the price of Chiliz token which eying 96% increase can give you an insight on why the coin is among the best 3 Altcoin cryptocurrency to buy in 2021. The CHZ / Chiliz currency price has been indicating bullish flag in consolidation which indicates that breakout will soon occur.If a close above the flag occur at a 95% uptrend moving to $1+, we may experience a bearish situation if the CHZ go down below $0.38 for some period of time. However,the Chiliz price is showing a massive bullish signal that can see it almost double its price.

But if there is a sharp breakout from a critical or serious level,it will determine if Chiliz bullish level will increase. The price of CHZ or Chiliz currency is heading towards massive reward, Chiliz CHZ price is presently trading higher that $0.4 within the bullish pattern referred to as bull flag. This type of formation is technical and has first burst of Chiliz’s market value which is called the Flagpole.

In conclusion,it is important to know that if the people selling drags the price of CHZ below the $0.38 level,then the bearish trend will show up because it will mean a move downward the flag formation.

This implies that Chiliz can go down by 13.5% to get $0.36 as the initial line to defend the price,so going against this could send the digital asset towards 62.3% Fib Ext. at the price of $0.28.

Thank you for reading this article and hope you got some helpful guide on the Best 3 Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2021. Check Here for more guide and post on Altcoin Cryptocurrency.

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